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SJ INFOTECH provides web solutions which helps customers to escalate their business in the internet and digital marketplace. Our services include

1. Software Development: Consulting, Conceptualisation, Design, Platform selection and more.
2. Web Design and Development: For interaction with clients. Simple to complex applications and integration to external systems.
3. Mobile apps development: Out of the box or customised solutions for users who demand feature rich solutions and experiences. Native and Hybrid modes, Android and iOS.
4. Outsourced support: PHP, .Net, Java, Software as a Service platform and development Whether it is a small business website or large-scale corporate portal application, SJ INFOTECH provides innovative solutions which meet the business requirement.

As technology advances at an alarmingly fast pace, we stay on top at the leading edge by upgrading skill sets constantly with continuous training and development. IT is a critical part of the business process that requires technical and specialised competence which may be beyond the scope of your current business management approach. In this case, companies with little or no in-house IT development resources find it more economical and efficient to outsource the development of their applications requirements to us.


Working within SJ Infotech, we have core competencies, which generate value for the clients and other stakeholders who work together with us.

We are a fast-growing company in the competitive market of enterprise systems and applications. We have undergone solid and structured growth, resulting from the excellence of our products & services and recognition of the most demanding customers from domestic and international markets. In over 9 years of work, we have developed a range of solutions and gained ample experience in the services we provide.

Our specialists have been providing software & web development services for multiple clients from Singapore, India, Canada, New Zealand, Dubai and other countries. They include not only small and medium businesses but also large multinational corporations. We have experienced significant growth due to our commitment to innovation and quality. Our flexibility and ability to grow with the needs of our customers are also key factors behind this success.

"To be the best in class by forging long-term strategic relationship with our clients and other stakeholders by leveraging our technological acumen and industry expertise to provide quality and cost effective solutions to them. To attract, engage, develop and retain the best talent and to create an environment in which our employees grow personally and professionally."

We envision ourselves to be pioneers in global IT delivery, while delivering faster and better services at a lower cost to our clients. To rapidly grow our service offerings ranging from management and strategy consulting in Applications and Support outsourcing.




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